Snow Plowing

ResidentialJLC plow truck

Jerry’s Lawn Care has been providing snow plowing for residential and commercial properties for the last 20 years, and our team is willing to help you with this timeless winter need. For residential needs, our team responds with 2” or greater of snow coverage, and we even supply the snow plow markers for your driveways. Our team begins early in the morning so that your driveway is plowed before 6 a.m. Additionally, Jerry’s Lawn Care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year- even holidays! If it snows, Jerry’s will be ready to help you.


Additional Services

For an additional fee, Jerry’s Lawn Care will thoroughly coat your driveway with salt or calcium chloride.


Commercial Snow Plowing

When it snows 2” or more, Jerry’s Lawn Care is on the job. All commercial lots are plowed prior to 6 a.m. Cars in your parking lot? No problem. Jerry’s Lawn Care will plow the aisles and will then come back the subsequent evening to finish the job. Jerry’s Lawn Care won’t take a day off either…our services are provided 24x7x365, even holidays! Salting applications as well as calcium chloride applications are provided, for an additional fee.


Snow Removal

On occasions, Jerry’s Lawn Care has removed snow from commercial entities. This service is available to you, if necessary!